Webmaster School
This site is for novice or beginner webmasters who already know their way around a computer. In particular, this site provides resources to the smaller scale webmaster who would like to keep costs to an absolute minimum. The two main areas that a novice or beginner webmaster need to control are the following: CONSTRUCTION and PROMOTION.

The Chalkboard of Knowledge


Where do I Start?
Where Should I Host My Web Site?
What About Design?
How do I Write It?
How do I do the Graphics for the Site?
What Colors Should I Use?
What Screen Size Should I Use?
Can I Get Free Content?
What Other Free Services can I Get?
Where can I find Cool DHTML Tools for my Site?

How Do I Make Money with my Web Site?
How do I Submit to the Search Engines?
How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo?
What are these Tell-a-Friend Services?
How Do I Know How Many People are Visiting?
Have You Got any Promotion Secrets?
How Long Will All This Take?

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