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Where do I Start? Where Should I Host My Web Site? What About Design? How do I Write It? How do I do the Graphics for the Site? What Colors Should I Use? What Screen Size Should I Use? Can I Get Free Content? What Other Free Services can I Get? Where can I find Cool DHTML Tools for my Site? How Do I Make Money with my Web Site? How do I Submit to the Search Engines? How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo? What are these Tell-a-Friend Services? How Do I Know How Many People are Visiting? Have You Got any Promotion Secrets? How Long Will All This Take?

How Do I Make Money?

How Do I Make Money with my Web Page? Put content in first and then worry about putting revenue streams in. This strategy works best because if you submit your web site and it is full of affiliate links and banner ads then your chances of high rankings on search engines is much lower. You are much better using a gradual approach. Before signing up to participate in any affiliate program, be sure to read the program's terms and conditions very carefully.


Number one recommendation is Google Adsense, this program provides contextually relevant text ads for your website from a trusted company with great payouts.

Join them at:

Commission junction have an extensive group of advertisers which means you can sign up with more than one program and all of your earnings for each are pooled by CJ. This provides tremendous flexibility and more rapid accumulation of funds. CJ have always paid on time for me and have always been very professional.

Join them at: Commission Junction

I have had good returns from this tell-friend revenue program. Especially good for e-greetings sites. These guys have always been reliable for me and have always paid on time.
Just go to: TAFMASTER and give it a go.

A company I have just recently signed up with and who seem very good are Fastclick. They provide CPM banners for small to medium size websites, this means that you make money for each visitor that sees your banner, they do not have to click. This type of revenue can be a wonderful base for your earnings.
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The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. Link to and earn 25%-30% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. If the visitor decides to purchase within 10 days of their last visit from your website, you'll still earn commission on the sale! You can link to from a selection of over hundreds of thousands poster and art print images as well as poster stores and mini stores. They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit. Itís easy to sign-up, track your sales, and build links because the site generates all the HTML code for you.

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