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Have You Got any Promotion Secrets?

Well these tips are not exactly secrets, but they are not widely known. I have found the single best thing you can do as a webmaster given that you have a quality site is to get links from other websites. There are two ways you can go about this, sit back and hope people find you and link to you, or actively search for great linking sites.

If you would like to actively search for great links then there is a smart way to do it that will save heaps of time. Here is what you should do:

1. Find web sites that are similar to yours, hopefully with lots of traffic.
2. Find out who links to them by either
(a) following any links on their page if they have a free counter such as extreme-dm. You can look at there referral stats to see who links to them and how much traffic they are getting.
(b) go to Altavista and type in the search box When you do this you will get a list of all of the web sites that link to the one you have chosen.
3. Individually visit each web site on these lists and try and find their submission form or the e-mail that they give on their website for submissions. If the web site does not have these DO NOT HASSLE THE WEBMASTER. Only those that want to receive mail will have the ability to contact them on their site. If you send submission to webmasters that clearly do not want them you will just annoy them and achieve nothing. The point of this promotion exercise is to find sites that are interested in the type of web site you have made.
4. If you do this properly and within the proper rules of netiquette you may be surprised at how much your traffic will grow.

There you have it. Nothing succeeds like hard work and if you follow these steps it will be hard work, but the rewards are great!