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Where do I Start? Where Should I Host My Web Site? What About Design? How do I Write It? How do I do the Graphics for the Site? What Colors Should I Use? What Screen Size Should I Use? Can I Get Free Content? What Other Free Services can I Get? Where can I find Cool DHTML Tools for my Site? How Do I Make Money with my Web Site? How do I Submit to the Search Engines? How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo? What are these Tell-a-Friend Services? How Do I Know How Many People are Visiting? Have You Got any Promotion Secrets? How Long Will All This Take?

What Screen Size Should I Use?

This is one of the more divisive topics for webmasters. If you ask a few different webmasters each may give you a different answer. So with the risk of being shot down in flames here is my opinion on the matter.

My preferred options is to always design for the 800x600 screen size. This is the size the majority of visitors use. Those that are on 640x480 are a shrinking minority of users, do not worry about upsetting them because you will annoy many more people with 800x600 resolution and those on higher resolutions as well if you design for 640x480. Unfortunately it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time