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Where do I Start? Where Should I Host My Web Site? What About Design? How do I Write It? How do I do the Graphics for the Site? What Colors Should I Use? What Screen Size Should I Use? Can I Get Free Content? What Other Free Services can I Get? Where can I find Cool DHTML Tools for my Site? How Do I Make Money with my Web Site? How do I Submit to the Search Engines? How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo? What are these Tell-a-Friend Services? How Do I Know How Many People are Visiting? Have You Got any Promotion Secrets? How Long Will All This Take?

How do I Write It?

It depends on your familiarity with HTML. If you know what you are doing then simply using notepad can be enough. But if you are not sure of what you are doing there are many useful programs that make it easier to construct your web page. Some programs will do most of the work for you in a WYSIWYG format. Unless you are creating very simple web sites these types of programs are not the best way to go.

The best types of HTML authoring programs are those that allow you to design in raw HTML but reduce the amount of typing that needs to be done by having automatic tag editors and buttons for including the most common HTML elements. The best of these types of HTML authoring programs I have used is 1st Page 2000 by the folks at Evrsoft. It can be downloaded for free at