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Where do I Start? Where Should I Host My Web Site? What About Design? How do I Write It? How do I do the Graphics for the Site? What Colors Should I Use? What Screen Size Should I Use? Can I Get Free Content? What Other Free Services can I Get? Where can I find Cool DHTML Tools for my Site? How Do I Make Money with my Web Site? How do I Submit to the Search Engines? How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo? What are these Tell-a-Friend Services? How Do I Know How Many People are Visiting? Have You Got any Promotion Secrets? How Long Will All This Take?

Where should I host my web site?

The web host is the place where you physically store the pages, pictures and files which make up your web site. For webmasters just starting their business out the most popular option involves shared hosting. This simply means that the web hosting company has many servers where they can keep many web sites hosted. Therefore, your website could be on the same server as hundreds of other web sites. There are a couple of important factors you should look for when searching for good, cheap affordable web hosting packages.

DISK SPACE - This is the amount of disk space you have allocated on the web hosting server to hold all of the files that make up your web site. You should know how much space you will need before choosing a web hosting solution as most web hosts charge extra for any more space you may need above what their hosting plan specifies.

TRANSFER/TRAFFIC - Web hosts usually have a transfer or traffic limit that your web site is allowed each month. Read the terms and conditions carefully to see how much is charged per megabyte by the web hosting provider for any traffic above their stipulated monthly limit. This may have a big impact on your possible web hosting budget. Also check to see whether the web host measures just outgoing traffic or both incoming and outgoing traffic.

The hottest web hosting deal on the internet at the moment is from iPowerweb. This web host provides an incredible offer which includes 500 Meg of space, 300 Pop e-mails and 30 Gigs transfer for only a few dollars a month.
You can find further information about the hosting offer here ---> Powerful Hosting - $7.95 - Free Setup