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How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo?

I have found that you are more likely to get listed in Yahoo if you follow there rules very carefully. If you have a couple of categories you think may be able to get listed in always apply for the one with less sites in it. While the most highly trafficked categories often have hundreds of links, there traffic is saturated by the numbers in the directory. If you can apply for a category that has less than ten or so links your chances of getting listed are greatly improved. If you think about it logically Yahoo wants to build up a quality directory, it is much more likely to give preference to categories that are in need of more 'content' than those that are already full of links. It is very likely that they would have their people allocate more time to the categories they have to 'fill in'. At the moment webmasters are finding it more and more difficult to get listed on Yahoo. There is no guarantee that you will get listed, but these tips will not hurt your chances.