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Where do I Start? Where Should I Host My Web Site? What About Design? How do I Write It? How do I do the Graphics for the Site? What Colors Should I Use? What Screen Size Should I Use? Can I Get Free Content? What Other Free Services can I Get? Where can I find Cool DHTML Tools for my Site? How Do I Make Money with my Web Site? How do I Submit to the Search Engines? How Do I Get Listed on Yahoo? What are these Tell-a-Friend Services? How Do I Know How Many People are Visiting? Have You Got any Promotion Secrets? How Long Will All This Take?

What About Design?

After working out the structure of your content you can then experiment with how you will present your content on the site. The layout of the web site incorporates two important factors, the LOOK of and the NAVIGATION of your site. The traditional method is to have your navigation on the left hand side of the page, but there really are no rules. Below is an example of a rough layout drawing for one of my recent websites. You may get it right first go or it may take you dozens of drafts. Remember the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle is nearly always the best way to go. Not only does it make it easier for you the webmaster to keep control of your site but it will make the site easier for surfers to find what they want.

Example of initial web site layout drawings
This is an example for the site

You can always use the basic code from existing websites with a design you like. To see the HTML code of the website you are browsing press the Edit key in IE and press Control+U in Netscape. MAKE SURE that if you do this that you strip the code of EVERY graphic, affiliate link, text or any non-html part of the page belonging to the web site. Stealing content (text, scripts and graphics) is a definite no-no and is punishable by law. Reduce the code to its bare structural bones and then fill it in with your own content.

It is now time to use HTML to write up the site. This site is not meant to be a tutorial on learning HTML. There are many great sites that exist where you can learn HTML including: