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>Online Calculators
Decimal Birthday Calculator
Find your next decimal birthday (every 1000th day)

How Many Days Until

How many days until an event?

Days In Love Calculator
When did your relationship start?        

Days Old Calculator

How many days old are you?

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>The Jarusa Family of Web Sites
Information's best friend.
Create your own free custom online invitations for your baby shower, party or even make one to invite a friend to coffee or a movie. The process is easy, free, confidential and most of all there is no registration needed.
Decimal Birthday
Decimal Birthday
Use our decimal birthday calculator to find the date of your next decimal birthday. Birthdays are fun, but decimal birthdays are even better! Surprise your friends and invite them to your own decimal birthday party. More fun, more birthday presents, a decimal birthday is a good excuse for a party.
Decimal Anniversary
Decimal Anniversary
Find the date of your next decimal anniversary and surprise your partner with a fun new romantic celebration of your relationship.
Echoes of Nature
Echoes of Nature
Let the lense of Echoes of Nature take you closer to the beauty of nature than you have ever been before. Please browse through our ever-expanding catalogue of beautiful free e-greetings, greeting cards and other merchandise. Keep coming back to Echoes of Nature for the best of floral and nature photography.
Least Popular Web Sites
Least Popular Web Sites
Find some surprises and laughs when visiting the most unpopular web sites on the internet.
Pokemon Cooking Fun
Webmaster School
This site is for novice or beginner webmasters who already know their way around a computer. In particular, this site provides resources to the smaller scale webmaster who would like to keep costs to an absolute minimum.
Movie Posters
Movie Posters
Movie posters from your favorite movies, and the most popular actors and actresses of all time.



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