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Funny Gift Ideas

Find funny gift ideas like cat in the sack, pull my finger fred, remote control fart machine, a flying pig, bop ref bag and more.
Products supplied in association with Wonderfully Wacky
Bogus Half Rat Snack Bogus Half Rat Snack

The Half Rat Snack is half of a fake rubber rat that when seen squirming in your mouth might have your friends and family making a call to the nearest rubber room. Furthermore, with your tongue you can wiggle a special knob that controls the tail thus enhancing the illusion.


Cats love crawling into bags, don't they? This one sure doesn't. Just try holding on when you try to pick up him up. Squeeze the bag and it begins shaking, vibrating and spinning as the trapped cat screeches and yowls. We'llforgive you if you're not able to let the cat out of the bag this time. With 3 different cat sound effects. Colors may vary, our choice, please. Includes 3 "AA" batteries. 10" tall.


You know our Uncle Fred. He's the guy who has beans and boiled cabbage for dinner, then sprawls out in an easy chair and dares all comers to pull his finger. When you do, this social menace lets loose with a big one that makes his chair shake like a 4.0 tremor. Then he proudly gives you one of ten pungent phrases guaranteed to make you laugh. Uses 2 "AA" batteries, not included. Polyester fiber filling. 7" tall.


High tech, state-of-the-art electronic replacements for the inflatable rubber whoopee cushion. The greatest new funmakers to come along in decades! Unlimited uproarious uses: inside the turkey on Thanksgiving; under the covers while you pretend to sleep; hand it to a friend in a crowded elevator; under the first row at a wedding; in the check out line at the supermarket; under a seat at the movies for an especially poignant moment; many others we're sure you can think of! The WIRELESS Remote Control Fart Machine is easily concealed under chair, table, couch, curtains, virtually anywhere. Then control it up to 100 feet away with your miniature transmitter. Just push the transmitter button anytime you want to deliver the most embarrassingly realistic sound that flatulence can produce.


Of all the things you hoped would happen, when pigs fly has to be near the top of the list. Perfect answer to all those wise guys who told you something was impossible, impractical or just plain stupid. Our plastic porker hangs from the ceiling powered by real working cloth wings. Just turn it on, give it a push and watch it fly. Includes 36" line and mounting hardware. Uses 2 "AA" batteries, not included. 5.5" long, 17" wingspan.

Ahhh! Pin the Fig Leaf on David Ahhh! Pin the Fig Leaf on David

Is your relationship at the"been-there-done-that" stage? Have no fear! Pin the Fig Leaf On David is here! The fun has just begun when you hang the 25" by 39" full-color picture of that famous Greek guy...David. Then blindfold your partner, (which has it own redeeming advantages) and have them attempt to pin a fig leaf. Take turns with the ten reusable leaves. Whoever is closest to let's say,"The Love Center", wins.

2000 Voodoo Computer 2000 Voodoo Computer

Here at Wonderfully Wacky we wondering if you were bitten by the Y2K bug? I know I was! That's why I'm getting some payback with my 3" * 5" * 4.5" canvas Voodoo Computer. With the Voodoo Computer I can place the white headed pins (included) into the phrases like"IRS Crashes,""Mortgage Payments Disappear," and"Bank Adds 3 Zeros to Savings Account." Sometimes I might feel a bit mischievous and decide to put the black pins (included) into phrases like"Security Alarms go Berserk," and"Phones Dead." Since you can't do this to your real computer, this Voodoo Computer is the next best thing.

Bop Ref Bag Bop Ref Bag

Baron Mad Mario sure looks like he hates REFEREES. Mario keeps his REF BOP BAG with him while he watches his favorite sports events so when he gets angry at the REF he actually takes it out on something instead of just screaming at the TV. It's a great gift for coaches, fans, and children. It can help to relieve your daily stresses, angers, and frustrations.

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies Unfortunate Fortune Cookies

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies are real fortune cookies which contain hilariously rotten fortunes. Have some fun when you pass them out at parties. Even better, order some Chinese take-out and then substitute one of these for your partners fortune cookie. With lots of different misfortunes, youre sure to get new laughs in every box. 8 individually wrapped fortune cookies per box. Get your fortunes for $5.95.

Hey man! Laugh yourselves silly with Homer, Bart and Krusty the Clown talking golf club covers Hey man! Laugh yourselves silly with Homer, Bart and Krusty the Clown talking golf club covers

Your golf buddies are going to have a cow when Homer, Bart and Krusty the Clown show up at the club, dressed for a round. Press their tummies: each character is full of wisecracks, specially recorded in the same voice you hear on TV. Each fits an oversized club head; uses 3 AAA batteries, included.

Bog Monster: a new low in tasteless toilet humor Bog Monster: a new low in tasteless toilet humor

Lift the lid and out jumps the Bog Monster ready to scare the (bleep) out of the unsuspecting guests looking for relief. Red rubber with suction cup hands hold him firmly in place.



Live from your living room or den, it's the amazing and entertaining, Rocky the Rainbow Trout! Watch his realistic movements as he flaps his tail and sings in synchronization to the tunes "Wild Thing" and "PleaseRelease Me"! Activated by motion or with a push of the play button. Includes easel stand for tabletop display or can be wall mounted. Requires 4 "C" batteries, not included. 14" long.



Big, bulging, bloodshot eyes shine through with the simple press of a button. Hidden cord runs from glasses to palm-size handheld control. Great addition to any costume or practical joke. Uses 2 "AA" batteries (not included).

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