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The Concept
The concept for decimal birthdays is quite a simple one. In basic terms it is the celebration of every thousand days of your life. We have normal birthdays every year to acknowledge the day we were born. Decimal birthdays are a recognition of the day of your birth, but instead of using years as a measure, days are used. Although the idea is applied to birthdays in this case it could also be used for calculating the length of relationships. Please use this webpage to calculate your decimal anniversaries as well!

The Idea
Well the idea did not really come from any one source. I like numbers (boring I know!), and had thought about the concept on and off for many years. I became more interested about the idea when talking to friends about the concept. As we were all in our mid twenties (in normal birthdays) the idea of having a party for a 10,000th day birthday was not too far away. Anyway in February this year my wife had the first official 10,000th day birthday party that I know about. Needless to say the night was a good one, even though noone was quite sure what we were celebrating!

Important Decimal Birthdays
The most significant decimal birthdays are the 10,000th 20,000th 30,000th and if you are lucky enough 40,000th. Your 21,000th day birthday is your coming of age of course.

Decimal Birthdays Through Life

  • School starts at about 2,000 days.
  • Puberty is experienced between your 5,000th and 7,000th days.
  • Life begins after 15,000 days.
  • Retirement comes at around 24,000 days
  • On average people will live to about 30,000 days.

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